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At PDEC, we are dedicated to keeping the public informed about our initiatives and the positive changes we are making in our community. Here, you will find the latest news, Recovery Corner articles, and media resources that highlight our organization's mission and impact in the community. Through our press page, we aim to share inspiring stories of transformation and empowerment.

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Cracking the Sobriety Code

May 20, 2023


“My life is the epitome of just because someone does something good for you doesn’t mean they’re good for you. At an early age I understood my super power being suave, manipulating, with a big smile and an endearing personality to put you at ease...”


Positive Directions’ New Recovery Group, Direcci’on Positiva

May 20, 2023


"I’d made my mark as a graffiti artist in San Francisco. My thing was tagging. I’d spray paint or use markers on a building or sidewalk with my graffiti name. When you’re young and powerless, graffiti is an easy way – well, not that easy – to earn the respect of your peers with nothing but your own hard work…"



Positive Directions Equals Change Brings Specialized Help to SF

May 20, 2023


"Over the years, we are given a lifetime to do something worthwhile, and helping others to recognize their potential is our firm belief. Staying on track with the goals we have set for Positive Directions Equals Change not only pushes us to new levels of accomplishments, it keeps the organization focused..." 

Pivorting to new year.jpeg

Pivoting in the New Year

May 20, 2023


“Getting grounded is our way of proceeding at this moment in time. Positive Directions Equals Change’s service delivery model is designed to support program participants living in poverty to achieve economic stability and mobility and be present, positive and responsive community members...”

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That’s Fentalife!

TogetherSF Action 

“The whole world aspires to the California lifestyle. We are leaders in health, inclusivity, sustainability, creativity and innovation. And yet, San Francisco is in the midst of a true public health crisis. A string of failed drug policies have created an inhumane reality that is not only killing people but also dramatically impacting public safety and our economy...”

Why San Francisco’s Progressives Are Fed Up With Their Own Policies | Cregg Johnson 

California Insider 

"Are the progressive policies backfiring in San Francisco and causing the progressives to question these policies?  My guest today is Cregg Johnson with Positive Directions Equals Change.  Today he will discuss why he thinks harm reduction and housing first is the wrong approach to dealing with homelessness and crime..."

San Francisco Residents Tired of City’s Drug Crisis Launches ‘Fentalife” ad Campaign

Fox News

"TogetherSF Action member Cedric Akbar discusses the colorful 'That's Fentalife!' ad campaign in response to the city's drug 'enablement."

'Fentalife' ad campaign against San Francisco opioid epidemic using sarcasm to prod action

CBS Bay Area

"The fentanyl crisis in San Francisco has made national headlines and a new ad campaign has people talking. The idea — using sarcasm — is intended to shame the city into action. The posters and billboards all come with the slogan 'That's Fentalife" with sayings like, "In San Francisco drug dealers have more rights than your kids.'"

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